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Free Mortgage Leads

Mortgage leads are extremely useful for those planning to purchase mortgages online. Lead generation companies offer mortgage leads to lending companies.Free mortgage leads are mainly related to first home mortgages. But they are equally relevant to second mortgages, debt consolidation and home improvement loans. Mortgage leads contain information on the types of mortgages the applicants prefer to opt for. Those who prefer shopping online find mortgage leads indispensable. Thanks to mortgage leads, they can compare different free mortgage lending offers to finally settle for the most suitable one. Those who are in the business of speculation find mortgage leads a great necessity.

An invaluable asset is to give give free seminars

Arrange to present your USP to others to produce referrals. Here are some ideas:

1) Contact the sales manager at real estate offices to present your USP at a realtor sales meeting
2) Contact human resource managers. Give a free seminar to employees of a company.
3) Present your USP to CPA's or financial planners to create referral relationships.
4) Contact divorce attorneys and offer your services to their clients.
5) Contact relocation companies