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Do you know where your mortgage leads are coming from?

Does your lead source tell you, SPECIFICALLY, where the mortgage leads are coming from? In many if not most cases, no, the brokers do not know where the leads are coming from and the lead companies are not really all that willing to face up to where exactly the leads originated. If you have a good lead source that is getting you fresh mortgage leads which are less than 24 hours old and are only being sold once or twice, you should do pretty well with them.

Some mortgage lead companies will sell an "exclusive" lead many times over and that premium paid for the "exclusive lead" goes right down the drain. Do some research, ask good questions, and start of with a small batch of 20 or 30 leads to see how they go. As you know they know nothing about lead generation.

It is important that you choose the right sub set that will convert best for you. This usually comes down to the lenders you are working with. Some brokers find it easier to focus in on one specific niche, and others are more comfortable with dealing with a larger scale of applicants.

In the end, it all comes down to conversion and payout. That is why is a good idea to always be testing new lead sources while maintaining three lines of consistently performing mortgage lead sources. Let us help you find the exclusive mortgage leads online that you have been wanting!!

Mortgage Brokers
Consult with our premium Equity Release Broker for details on how to
retire off your mortgage.  Bright Retirement offers equity release advice at no cost and offers current interest rates.

Top 5 tips mortgage lenders brokers

1. Shape up your credit score.

2. Research brokers or lenders online.

3. Understanding the fees and charges.

4. Make sure that you compare rates from other lenders.

5. Ask the right questions.



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